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Neroli (Orange flower) (EO) by Essential Oils Store

Oil Name: Neroli (Orange flower)

Aroma Group: floral
Oil Type: Essential Oil
Aroma Note: middle

Odor Strength: 10%Vetiver=2%Neroli (Orange flower)

Description: Light, sweet-floral fragrance, with a terpeny top note

Supplier: Essential Oils Store

Safety: Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing, and non-photo toxic.

Blends Well With: Benzoin, chamomile roman, clary sage, coriander, frankincense, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, jasmine, juniper, lavender, lemon, mandarin, myrrh, orange, palmarosa, petitgrain, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang, and yuzu.

Health Benefits: Anxiety, birthing, colic, convalescence, diarrhea (chronic), fatigue, flatulence, hemorrhoids, hysteria, insomnia, intestinal spasm, mature and sensitive skin, nervous depression, nervous dyspepsia, nervous skin rashes, nervous tension, oily and dry skin, palpitations, PMS, PMT, poor circulation, scars, shock, skin care, stretch marks, thread veins, tuberculosis, uplifting, and wrinkles.

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