Weekend Perfumer

Benzoin Resin (AC)

Oil Name: Benzoin Resin

Aroma Group: woody
Oil Type: Aromatic Compound
Perfume Note: base

Description: Sweet, warm-scented, vanilla-like scent, caramel, warm honey, a little waxy;

Safety: Non-toxic, and non-irritant, when diluted properly. In its undiluted form it is a mild skin irritant. Not for internal use and its use while pregnant is not recommended.

Blends Well With: Copaiba balsam, coriander, cypress, frankincense, jasmine, juniper, lemon, myrrh, rose, sandalwood, and other spice oils

Health Benefits: Acne, arthritis, asthma, eczema, bronchitis, chapped skin, chills, colic, coughs, cuts, flu, gout, inflamed and irritated conditions, laryngitis, nervous tension and stress related complaints, poor circulation, psoriasis, and rheumatism

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